Curriculum Integration

More training options:
Need help integrating BibleWorks into your school's curriculum? We can help! We're able to listen your specific requirements and offer suggestions and ideas, drawing from our interaction with professors in a variety of schools.

Why integrate BibleWorks into your school's curriculum?

BibleWorks is a specialized tool designed specifically for those involved in Biblical exegesis. The best way to learn how to use exegetical tools is in conjunction with learning the principles of exegesis. While teaching the principles of exegesis is outside the scope of our organizational goals, we do want to help teachers integrate BibleWorks into their courses (in the same manner that these courses have traditionally taught how to use paper lexicons, concordances, etc.). We believe the best venue for BibleWorks training is in the classroom and in the practice of studying the texts included in BibleWorks. We are open to suggestions as to how we can better serve in this area.


We currently offer the following resources for teachers seeking to integrate BibleWorks into their curriculum:

  1. Free Technical Support
  2. Outlines, handouts, etc. that we use when we conduct training workshops.
  3. On-site training workshops, if your schedule works with ours.
  4. Classroom resources with instructions for integrating BibleWorks tools into your classroom instruction.

If you would like help teaching your students to use BibleWorks, email us at or call (888) 747-8200.