BibleWorks EPUB

Information for Publishers


BibleWorks now includes the ability for users to import EPUB files into the BibleWorks program. This new ability in BibleWorks opens an additional market for publishers to sell BibleWorks-compatible EPUB files directly to the consumer.

The EPUB format was chosen because it is an open standard publishing format already used by publishers and embraced by users worldwide. Publishers do not have to develop yet another file format.

The publisher and the customer both benefit from this new BibleWorks feature. Customers can purchase titles from any publisher as they need them without having to wait for BibleWorks to license the titles. The publisher benefits by selling directly to the customer. All the profits stay with the publisher.

Creating EPUB Files for Use in BibleWorks

BibleWorks reads EPUB files that conform to the EPUB 2 and EPUB 3 standards. EPUB files that do not conform to these standards may or may not be usable within BibleWorks. Publishers  may use any program they wish to create these standards-compliant EPUB files.

When an EPUB file is imported into the BibleWorks EPUB Reader, BibleWorks tags the Scripture references automatically. It is best if the Scripture references are not tagged by the publisher.

BibleWorks and DRM (Digital Rights Management)

BibleWorks imports and reads non-DRM or BibleWorks DRM EPUB files. Non-DRM EPUB files are preferred by some publishers, as the distribution process is simpler and cheaper, and the experience is less restrictive for users to read the same file on their various devices.

BibleWorks offers its own DRM system for publishers who require a DRM system for their EPUB files. An EPUB file that uses the BibleWorks DRM system can be read only within BibleWorks. A watermark containing placed on each file within the EPUB discourages sharing of the EPUB file.

The BibleWorks DRM system is available to publishers without cost and without any licensing arrangement. The BibleWorks DRM program consists of a small Windows program. The steps to implement the DRM system are very easy to use.

Publishers interested in obtaining more information about the BibleWorks DRM or obtaining the free BibleWorks DRM program should contact BibleWorks at

Licensing Terms for Creating and Distributing BibleWorks-Compatible EPUBs

There are no licensing terms for creating and distributing BibleWorks-compatible EPUB files. BibleWorks makes the BibleWorks DRM program available free-of-charge to publishers. There are no terms of use, fees, or reporting requirements.

The BibleWorks DRM program is designed only to encrypt EPUB files and change the filename extension in preparation to creating files to be imported into BibleWorks. BibleWorks, LLC offers no warranty or implied suitability for any other task and cannot be held accountable for any other use of the BibleWorks DRM program.

Advertising Opportunities for Publishers

BibleWorks would like to notify its users of publishers who distribute BibleWorks-compatible EPUB files, whether they are non-DRM or BibleWorks DRM files. If you are such a publisher please let us know the name of your organization, a description of your organization, and a website link for obtaining your BibleWorks-compatible EPUB titles.

BibleWorks does not guarantee that it will provide a link to every organization that distributes BibleWorks-compatible EPUB files. Most publishers and organizations would qualify, but if the beliefs and purpose of the organization are outside the parameters of historic orthodox Christianity, BibleWorks may choose not to list the content provider. BibleWorks reserves the right to accept or deny the request of any organization for any reason.Links to BibleWorks-compatible EPUB publishers and distributors may be found at

Support for EPUBs in BibleWorks

While BibleWorks strives to provide its EPUB Reader functionality for every EPUB 2 or EPUB 3 standards-compatible ePub file, BibleWorks provides no guarantee concerning the importation of third-party content into BibleWorks. BibleWorks provides support only for the main BibleWorks program and the BibleWorks DRM program. BibleWorks does not provide support for EPUB files that it does not create, since BibleWorks has no control over that content.

Publishers should be aware of a few items concerning EPUB files imported into BibleWorks.

  1. EPUB files that do not conform to EPUB 2 or EPUB 3 standards may or may not import, display, and function properly within BibleWorks. BibleWorks makes no guarantee that any individual EPUB file will import, display, or function properly within BibleWorks even if it conforms to EPUB 2 or EPUB 3 standards. BibleWorks will, though, verify successful importing to publishers who submit texts to BibleWorks for such verification.
  2. Scripture references are tagged programmatically when the file is imported into the BibleWorks EPUB Reader. The accuracy of the tagging is dependent upon how the text is worded. Unusual book name spelling and "machine-tagging-ambiguous" references may not be tagged accurately. The accuracy of the tagging is generally very high, but it is important to know that mistagged items cannot be corrected after being imported into BibleWorks. Any mistagged Scripture references must be addressed by the publisher, since only by changes in the original EPUB file contents can the Scripture reference tagging be changed.
  3. BibleWorks can provide support only for the importing, display, and use of the BibleWorks EPUB Reader generally. It cannot provide support for the use of any specific file, since BibleWorks does not possess, nor can it troubleshoot, any EPUB file not sold by BibleWorks.

While BibleWorks cannot provide help to publishers in how to create EPUB files, we welcome contacts from publishers who experience difficulties encrypting or importing EPUB files into BibleWorks, or who would like further information concerning creating BibleWorks-compatible EPUB files.  A complimentary copy of BibleWorks will be provided upon request to publishers who wish to test the importing of their EPUB files into BibleWorks. Send comments and requests to