Using EPUB Resources in BibleWorks

Create Your Own BibleWorks-Compatible EPUB Library

BibleWorks customers can import and organize hundreds of academic and devotional titles into BibleWorks – making it possible to access your own library of commentaries and background resources quickly and effectively.

Here are a few publishers who offer BibleWorks-compatible EPUB titles

The following sources provide non-drm EPUB titles. These sources may also provide EPUB titles with drm or files in other formats. It is necessary that you, the customer, obtain the correct non-drm EPUB file format.

Answers in Genesis

Banner of Truth

Christian Book Distributors (CBD)

Christian Focus Publications


Hendricksen Publishers

Internet Archive

InterVarsity Press

Ligonier Ministries Crucial Questions eBooks

Liturgical Press

Project Gutenberg


Smyth & Helwys

Wipf & Stock


Be sure that you chose the proper file format when obtaining files to import into BibleWorks. Only non-DRM EPUB files will import into BibleWorks.

IMPORTANT: The following file types cannot be imported into BibleWorks:

  • EPUB files that contain DRM (digital rights management). In most cases you cannot import EPUB files that have DRM (digital rights management) applied to them. If an EPUB file requires the use of Adobe Digital Editions, or some other proprietary viewer, it cannot be imported into BibleWorks.
  • PDF files. BibleWorks cannot import PDF files at this time.
  • Kindle titles. BibleWorks cannot import Kindle titles. Mobi is a Kindle file format, and cannot be imported into BibleWorks.
  • Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, or any other electronic file format cannot be imported into BibleWorks.

If you know of other sources that might be helpful to other BibleWorks customers, please let us know. We will consider all suggestions and post new links on a regular basis.