Download BibleWorks

An easier way to download and install BibleWorks 10!

If you purchased the download version of BibleWorks 10, we've developed a much easier way to download and install the program. If you're running Windows and you'd like to try a beta-version of the BibleWorks 10 downloader, follow the steps below to try the new downloader.

Get the Downloader

We've developed a simple way to download BibleWorks 10. Right now, this is a beta program and is only recommended for Windows users. The installation file set is very large (17.6 GB) and depending on the speed of your connection, may take many hours, or over a day, to complete. You must have a fast, stable connection for the download to work.

To download the installer file, click with the right mouse button on the link below and save the BibleWorks Downloader file..

To get the BibleWorks Downloader,
right-click here to download the program.

Run the Downloader

You will need your BibleWorks Activation Code. The activation code is of the form BW10-BBBB-CCCC-DDDD-EEEE and was sent to you when you originally ordered the program. If you do not have your code, you may contact us.

Now browse to the folder where your browser stored the BibleWorks Downloader file. When you find the Downloader (BWDownloader.exe), double-click on it to run it. Follow the instructions that appear...

Your temporary download link will last for 48 hours. After that your link will expire. Customers are permitted to generate a total of two temporary download links. If the download is interrupted, you can resume by restarting the Downloader.

Back up your installation files

After the Downloader finished downloading the installation file set, we strongly recommend that you backup your installation files to some form of removable media. Without a backup of the installation files, you will be unable to re-install BibleWorks on your computer or on a new computer and will be charged a replacement download/media fee.

Install the program

After downloading the installation files successfully, the Downloader with automatically run the setup program to install BibleWorks.

If the installation is interrupted, simply browse to the folder containing the installation file set and run the setup.exe program.