BibleWorks Group Pricing

Institutional Promotion Program


A group of ten or more members of an organization who wish to license BibleWorks can obtain aggressively discounted pricing through our Institutional Promotion Program (IPP).  The IPP is available to churches, seminaries, Bible colleges, universities, schools, and other institutions and organizations.   A group at a seminary, for example, may order for students, staff, faculty, administrators, and alumni.  It may not, however, order units for others who are not enrolled or former institution students or who are not otherwise employed by the institution.


  • Gather a Group.  A volunteer "Licensing Coordinator" lets others at his/her institution know he or she is coordinating a BibleWorks IPP order.  He/she contacts BibleWorks Customer Support (address below) to get the information specific to his/her IPP.
  • Obtain Sign-Ups.  The Licensing Coordinator provides the information gained from BibleWorks Customer Support to interested members of his institution.  Two options:
    1. (Classic IPP) The Licensing Coordinator has ten or more license buyers sign up on a roster (available at  He/she collects the license fee from each participant and transmits the total sum to BibleWorks.
    2. (New IPP) The Licensing Coordinator provides to each license buyer a unique coupon code the Coordinator has received from BibleWorks.  Participants have ten days to order BibleWorks at the discounted coupon rate by credit card from the BibleWorks Internet Store (  If ten or more don't order in ten days using that coupon code, everyone's money is refunded and the IPP order is cancelled.
  • Receive and Distribute BibleWorks Copies.  All copies, together with the name and address of all IPP participants, are mailed to the BibleWorks Licensing Coordinator.  He/she distributes a copy to each participant upon receipt. Drop shipping to participants located remotely from the Coordinator is available upon request at a small additional charge.


  • Add-on orders cannot usually be added to the bulk mailing once the Classic IPP order has been submitted or after the New IPP ten-day order period has ended.
  • The IPP is distributed on media.  A download option is not available to IPP participants.
  • IPP end-user licensing cost per BibleWorks copy is US$289.00 including domestic standard shipping.  International or expedited shipping is extra, as are international taxes such as VAT or GST, and customs duties and fees.


  • BibleWorks Dealers may serve as Licensing Coordinators or work through Licensing Coordinators.
  • BibleWorks, LLC gives authorized BibleWorks dealers the right of first refusal to process IPP orders at their institutions.  Dealers may charge IPP recipients more than the above-stated IPP end-user licensing cost, but in this case (1) they must identify fees added above that amount separately on each customer invoice; and (2) they must allow another Licensing Coordinator at that site to conduct a different IPP at the above-stated IPP end-user licensing cost per unit.
  • Dealers may use existing stock on hand for IPP orders.  However, dealers must coordinate with BibleWorks Customer Support before product delivery to ensure the Licensing Coordinator has fulfilled his/her requirements.
  • It is requested that dealer promotions, mailings, and web-postings regarding IPPs be coordinated with BibleWorks Customer Support before they are implemented.


Please consult BibleWorks Customer Support ( or +1 (757) 627-7100).